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On this page are links to websites associated with The Buddhist Temple of Marin.  From time to time you may find announcements for events occurring at venues other than our temple.

 Center for Buddhist Education (CBE)
Home of the Center for Buddhist Education at the Jodo Shinshu Center in Berkeley, California

Buddhist Churches of America
Home of the Buddhist Churches of America headquarters in San Francisco.

Hongwanji International
Home of the Hongwanji International Center in Kyoto, Japan.

BCA Bookstore
Home of the BCA Bookstore in Berkeley, California.

Enjanji Buddhist Temple
Sebastopol, California.

United Nations Celebrates the Buddha's Enlightenment
Enjoy Hoshin Seki's eyewitness account of this historic gathering and Rev. Umezu's message on behalf of the Buddhist Churches of America on the CBE wikisite at www.BuddhistChurchesof America.org (click on CBE).

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

As a member of the Buddhist Churches of America, the Buddhist Temple of Marin is working to raise money for the Earthquake and Tsunami relief effort in Japan.  The money we collect is sent directly to the Hongwanji Social Welfare Fund, our affiliate in Japan.  The money is used to purchase food and other necessities for the people that have lost so much during these past few weeks.

To donate money directly the the Buddhist Churches of America through their website, you may go to www.bcahq.org.  This website will allow use of credit cards through PayPal.  Checks may be sent to the BCA as well.  Make your check payable to Buddhist Churches of America and note on the check, JAPAN EARTHQUAKE/TSUNAMI RELIEF.

Send checks to:
Buddhist Churches of America
1710 Octavia Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

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